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Friday, January 9, 2009

Team FLJ Timeline

This is FLJ's Timeline as of today. Timeline is subject to change.


Record Copied Examples of Questions for Project Use -Complete-
  • Six examples are to be copied from Calculus textbook to be used as models for questions to be created.

JANUARY 23 - Create Six Questions from Copied Questions for Project Use
  • From the six examples taken from the book, they will then be used to create questions that are going to be displayed in the project.

Solve and Annotate the Six Created Questions
  • The six created questions are to be solved, corrected, edited and annotated as to be properly displayed in the project

MARCH 6 - Begin Filming Gameplay
  • Gameplay filming will begin via Xbox 360 and Halo 3. Filming will begin as soon as a HDPVR is acquired. Many long nights of filming will occur.

MARCH 31 - Complete all Gameplay Film
  • It is expected that by this date, filming will be completed

APRIL 1 - Begin Editing Gameplay Film
  • Post-production of the project will begin. Special effects, voice acting and video editing will take place. Many long nights will again, also occur.
APRIL 13 - Begin DEV Blog Construction
  • A separate blog will be created for the DEV to be published to. Will consist of posts for Solved questions, Reflections, Sources and Credits.
MAY 1 - DEV Revision
  • Prior to "handing the project in", the blog will be revised that it is in correct layout, questions will be revised for errors, and links and videos will be tested for optimal viewing.
MAY 3 - 100% DEV Project Completion
  • Film will be completed and fully uploaded. Link to DEV blog will be revealed on the Expert Voices blog. Digital copies will be created and will be published via DEV blog. Project will be "handed-in" for evaluation.

This project is a sequel and will most likely require you to view the previous project :
This Project is Rated EG for Educational Guidance
This film contains scenes of Intense Math, Frightening Equations, and the Use of Patterns


dkuropatwa said...

Great Timeline!

Love the closing byline. ;-)

Lani said...

Hi there,

Looking forward to the sequel!!!

I'll be interested if you keep to your timeline which looks like good planning to me, with sufficient time for each stage of the project.

Do you think "timeline is subject to change" allows you too much wiggle room? Or maybe you're not procrastinators like me?


Rence said...


I hope you enjoy the sequel, as much as we're excited to make it.

The Timeline is subject to change due to the fact that we're always thinking on how to make it better, therefore, half way through the project, we may think of something that we want to add in or change while doing the project.

@Mr.K regarding the byline. Awesome, ain' it? >:D