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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

BOB: Applications of Derivatives

Hmm, well after doing the Pre-Test, I can say that I'm kinda in good shape for the test. The only problems I really had with it was the long answer question, specifically the last two parts of it. Although, from what Benchmen told me, I had the last part kinda right. >__>

As for this unit overall, the major problem that I had, and I'm assuming the same goes for the rest of the class, were the Optimization Problems. Just when I thought the Rates of Change questions were bad, these types of questions had to come into the big picture. Really, although I'm pretty confident I can do the square/rectangle ones and NOT the inscribed stuff since those are really hard for me -__-; for the rest of the unit. I can say that I really enjoy finding critical points for some reason, plus I was able to learn how to use chain rule on the natural logarithm because of critical points questions, so I feel quite fondly of them :(

Mhm, so good luck on the test everyone and if it ends up not being tomorrow don't shout at me again like last time haha XD

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