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Monday, January 19, 2009

Integrals Bob

OMGosh so much blogging in one night haha.

Anyways, this unit. Not to bad I must say. I kinda like this stuff, although it is a bit confusing at times. Overall, not my strongest unit (the first integrals unit gets that award), although definitely not my weakest (since it IS a cousin of the other one)

Easiest bit: The mechanical process of taking the inner function and replacing things and mixing it around. It's mah fav :3

Hardest bit: Remembering that the inner function is the derivative of the accumulation function, and the parent function is found by anti-differentiating the inner function D: Mind twisting stuff there.

Overall: I'm ready for round 2! :p

Anyways, I need to go to bed, so I can have a decent sleep in time for tomorrows test D:

night guys, and good luck!

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