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Saturday, January 10, 2009

J2K Timeline [SORRY FLJ for the letter stealing. At least we acknowledge our lack of creativity for the name and at least we used a number.]

Wow. Compared to Team FLJ, just wow. Sorry we had to ruin it by not having our own graphic and colour to this post, but at least the work is done. Or this part, anyhow.

Here's our timeline, also subject to change.

JANUARY 8: Making of timeline

Record copied examples of questions for project reference. COMPLETE

  • Copying a rough draft of 6 questions from textbook/resources to use as references for the types of problems to use in DEV project; chosen based on difficulty we had with these questions so that we’d spend time learning on how to solve these problems.
JANUARY 20: Brainstorm on possible ideas for project to have more appeal for learning.

FEBRUARY 5: Continue brainstorming possible theme ideas and have made the decision on what to use.

FEBRUARY 6: Create 6 questions from reference problems.
  • Start the process of creating six of our own word problems that relate to a theme; using the type of questions we chose, with first, learning how to solve these problems.
MARCH 15: Have the majority of the 6 created questions solved.
  • Answer as many questions as possible and make sure that we're getting the right idea by using resources, such as asking other people, reading textbook, internet and asking Mr. K for greater understanding.
MARCH 20: Preparation of extra matierial.
  • This is for the "look" of the project, the part that will make it visually easier for people to learn the material. Basically getting aspects of the theme together using videos, slides, pictures etc, that abide by copyright rules.
APRIL 12: Finish answering and explaining questions.
  • By this time, hopefully we'll have all of the questions answered and explained thoroughly enough to be taught to readers of our project.
Media is cited and sourced ready to put into DEV.

: Merging of all aspects of project for preparation of final structure.

MAY 1: Finalization, adding finishing touches getting ready for immediate publication on the blog.

MAY 2-3
: Submit to Developing Expert Voices blog as a big finale.

There's our timeline and we hope to follow it, and finish this ASAP.


.:. J + ME .:. said...

sorry. it kept changing fonts.

Lani said...

Hi there,

Looks like you've done some good planning. I'm looking forward to seeing your project.

I'm wondering, is there a reason you're waiting until February to start creating the problems?


.:. J + ME .:. said...

I think it's mainly because we're trying to fully understand the types of questions we chose to refer to.