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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Our Derivative Videos And Podcast

I should have posted this earlier. Francis' post reminded me. (BTW Francis, you're scribe for Monday's class. ;-) ) Here are the four videos that the class generated (the 30 second time limit did not include credits) followed by a brief podcast reflection we did on the last day of classes before the winter break. Give it a listen, this project isn't over yet ...

Ben and Zeph: Calculus Commercial

Kristina, Jamie, & Joyce: YE OLDE DERIVATIVE

Paul, Shelley, & Yinan: Team PSY Derivatives Commercial

Francis, Lawrence, & Justice: Calculus commercial complete

The Podcast Reflection

(Download mp3 file, 3.3 MB)

One of the things we learned was that 30 seconds is too short. The next round of videos will have a 60 second time limit. They'll all be published by the end of January. We'll settle on the final due date in class on Monday. ;-)

As part of this assignment we talked about copyright and I emphasized that using copyrighted material (music) is considered stealing unless you have permission to use the content. Generally, I believe that using 30 seconds or less of copyrighted music falls under Canadian Fair Dealing guidelines. As part of this discussion I pointed you all to Jamendo where you could find free music to use without worrying about any copyright infringements.

I'm really proud of the way you all dealt with copyright issues and how you credited all the sources you used both in the videos and in the informational text that accompanies your work.

Well done!

1 comment:

zeph said...


I heard you had your talk with Mr. Beaumont after our gym riot about all the things you needed to talk to him about, including laptops.


Just wanted to know the situation we're in, you know?