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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Today is Paul's turn, but he is late so I'm the scribe for today.( He own me ...)

In the graph the blue area is the difference between green and orange area.
h is a tiny number that is close to 0, but not 0. Therefore x+h.
To approximate the blue area by multiply (f(x))(h).
This is not a proof, but a really good augment.

We went back to yesterday's slid, the one that Mr.k made a mistake.

The statement is wrong. It suppose be
What ever you put in f(x)will end up be in f(t).

Then we worked on this problem.
1st find x^2, then us chain rule.
The inner function is x^2, outer function is f(x).
x^2 determines the limits of the integrals.

Use integrals to find the area. Accumulation function is always involve with integrals, it always requires 2 function.

t is always depend one x, always find x first.

At the end we did some questions depends on what we had learned.

OK. Next scribe is Not_Paul again. Hope you are not late again. Good luck ^_^.

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