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Monday, January 19, 2009

BOB Version 6: Integrals AGAIN!

The properties of integrals were straightforward, but those questions where they add a little twist and say, "Suppose f is an ODD FUNCTION and nonnegative on [0,2]..." perplexed me a little bit, but once I saw things visually, I saw what was happening in the problem and understood what was going on. (Hence, I am a visual learner and I like to see things visually.)

The Second Fundamental Theorem of Calculus, as pompous as it may sound, took a bit getting used to. I found the part where we had to prove (or was it argue?) that the derivative of the accumulation function is the parent function was easier to grasp than I anticipated it. Also, this is where I "lix up the metters," as Mr.K would say, talking about the variables of the accumulation function and the original function.

Visualizing the areas that's bounded by graphs helped a LOT. (Hence, I am a visual learner and I like to see things visually.) From the graphs, all I really need to do, basically, is to subtract or add the areas, however the case may be. Although the graphs dealing with the trigonometric function and integrating them or finding the areas, I don't consider them as my friends as of the moment. Sorry! (Yes, I apologized to the trig functions.) =)

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