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Monday, January 5, 2009

First day back.

Today in class, we didn't do much. Our main focus though, was the pre-test. It wasn't worth any marks but it was valuable. The answers can be found on today's class slides. The pre-test was actually quite hard, but maybe that's because it was our first day back, and we just forgot about calculus over the holidays. I know I'm not alone here.

We found out that our DEV will have a final due date on May 3rd, which means we have 4 months to complete it, which is plenty of time, so don't stress, but don't procrastinate either. We have to copy and not create questions similar to what we will be doing by the end of this week for our DEV. 4 questions for a soloist, 5 questions if it's you and a partner, and 6 questions if you got a group of three.

Mr. K also showed us a video reply to our calculus ad "What is a derivative?" which was made by someone else, it was pretty cool and pretty flashy. Our next integrals commercial will have a time cap of 60 secs, or one whole minute, and will be due on February 1st.

Time to study everyone! Exam week is the last week of January, but from the looks of things our class doesn't have to worry much, because it'll be pretty lightweight on us calculus heavyweights.

That was pretty much what we went over in today's calculus class. That next scribe will now be Kristina.

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