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Monday, January 19, 2009


So this is my blog on blogging on blogging on blogs... blog. :D

Anyways, I was lost for a minute because everything I was typing was turning into Hindi and I was literally tripping out, taking off my glasses and all. However I found that blogger added a nifty new function that translates what you're writing into the chosen language.

But besides that, I found that Integrals were not too difficult and that I won't struggle too much on the test, but either way, the way I did the pre-test today, I will be studying anyway. The accumulation and the concepts in this chapter were quite simple when thought through thoroughly. (Tongue-Twisting much?) Like Mr. K said, Calculus is more about understanding rather than Calculating. Like the Matrix. -__-"

And I demand assignments for marks ":O. It's not that I'm all about the marks, I'm just more driven that way.

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