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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

OMB. I hope I'm not in a pickle. I'd settle for a cucumber or some Polski Ogorki.

O M B...OH MY BOB. I was...minimally productive over break. I was anxious, stressed out, and away for too long. My brain will show that I guess. Maybe...but hopefully not. I haven't...forgotten EVERYTHING, but I've fogged up the concepts a bit over break. I guess the weather was quite frightful in a way. Really. I spent a whole week just sitting and thinking...having that panicking thought of how I was going to end up in the future. Those paranoid thoughts just rushed through. Then I tried to... well...start...eating differently. I'll leave it at that and just BOB.

I understand the main part of the uses of the 1st and 2nd deriv. tests and have an average understanding of what they're for. 1st derivative test is to find critical points including Local/Global Maxima (Max or Mins) of the parent fcn. Sorry. Rough, but I'm rushing. People are telling me to sleep. 2nd deriv is for finding concavity of the function. I'm blazing fast typing this and forgive the typos that I don't spot. I almost spelt "fungtion"

A disaster that I can't seem to prevent is optimization problems. I don't think I can do it by myself yet. Not without someone to hold my hand across the street. I can go as far as distinguish what needs to be maximized or minimized and what can be used, but there's always a part where I get compuzzled and somehow not put the pieces together correctly.

As for the mean value theorem. It quite simple, but there's something in my gut that's telling me that I don't understand it 100%. Maybe I do get it, it's just that I'm probably doubting myself again. Yeah I get it...I think. I apologize for the bipolar uncertainty. And the fact that I said "bipolar" and "uncertainty" together makes me wonder if those two words contradict each other, as if I could have just stopped at one word.

My insides are shuddering vigorously. To delay or not delay? I mean I don't know if I'm more comfortable doing this test tomorrow or if we did it before break. I just don't think I'm ready. But sometimes we have to dive without knowing. But after diving I just hope I come back up.

G33K LUV everyone.

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