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Monday, January 19, 2009

INTEGRATING ALL OUR BOB'S, well not really.

We've been doing a lot of BOBs but it seems like I've been saying the same thing all over. I seem to be understanding it, and then when it comes to actual question answering, I do something completely different. Hopefully, I don't do that this time. But unlike other units, I'm pretty SURE that I have this unit good. I mean today's "collaborative experimental pretest", which I said would work better for me.... I think it did work better for me. I mean. I got the idea of all of the multiple choice questions and double checked them with others.. and we did end up having enough time for everything. But the long answer.. I still have a little trouble with. I understand it now, because working collaboratively makes you realize that everyone else is a good teacher as well as Mr. K. I think so. I really learn a lot from everyone else. I mean that from the puso. [heart in Tagalog]

But otherwise...back to blogging on blogging. I sort of eavesdropped on something like.. BLOBBING but I didn't catch that. eh. I quite enjoyed this unit. I enjoyed learning about accumulation functions and looking back, I can't believe how juvenile I was being afraid of the integral notation.. because I couldn't understand what it meant. Now it's just like.. really? That's all there is to it? Actually a lot of this unit was like that. I think what made it easier was the fact that we now know more about material like derivatives and Riemann sums which were incorporated into certain aspects in this unit.

One difference I'd like to note though. I don't seem to be having much difficulty with the patterns in the math and notation, but rather.. more the theorems, and what they represent. Like...the extreme value theorem. I mean I know what it is and what it does, but thinking about that again tonight, took me some time to REMEMBER what it was and how to explain it. You don't fully understand something until you can explain it. I also can't fully explain the 1st and 2nd fundamental theorem of calculus, in words, but I'm sure with notation I understand it. I guess I'm just seeing things in another perspective again, but totally missing the other understanding. I mean. If I know how to explain it, then it's engraved in my head then I would know where to use it. But since I can't right now, fully, then I might end up using the theorem and not realize that I just applied it. Does that...confuse you?

Well that's my BOB for tonight. I hope everyone does well on this test. Last one for the semester. I better not muck this up.

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