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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Fridays scribe post.

I was debating whether or not to do Fridays scribe post, because we didn't do much and it was only a 30 minute class, or less due to the gym riot that took place. But we did do something. We did a podcast about our calculus commercials which was on "What is a derivative?". We went over, why we did that unique assignment, and how it would teach us something new. Every body's commercial was pretty basic on the understanding of a derivative, because of the limited time of 30 seconds, but it was a good reviewing assignment, and it was fun. We will have another assignment just like this. But the commercial video will be on the subject of integrals.

That was pretty much all we went over on the last day of school, before holidays, which I hope everybody enjoyed so far. Now, I don't know if this should count as a scribe post, but if it does; the next scribe will be Kristina.

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