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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Post Test for Applications of Derivatives

Another day and another test.
Time for another round of thoughts and reflections on the last test.

I'll start it off. This test was quite tough being that it was the first test back from the long winter holidays. The multiple choice questions were much more challenging compared to the free response questions. The last few multiple choice questions were a tad easier.
For the free response, the optimization problem was extremely easy (I was happy when I saw the question). The other free response question took a bit longer to answer. I was not 100% sure if the given function contained a cusp or a curve. I was unsure because of the resolution and pixels of the picture because it was taken from a TI Calculator. So I asked Mr. K for what it was and all I hear was curve, so I took that word for it and continued to answer the question with the function having no cusp.

That was my reflection. I want to know how everyone else thought about the test. Was it easy? Hard? Muddy? Clear? Was it Hot? Was it Cold? Is that a Yes or a No? Come in and answer, don't stay out. What were your ups? What were your downs?


zeph said...

I probably had the most difficulty writing this test compared to the other calculus tests. The questions in the textbook seemed easier to do than the ones on this test, but if the College Board wants us to be at that level, then I'm not complaining.

Yeah, the last question was an optimization question, and it was straightforward. The only thing that bothered me was differentiating the volume because we had to use how many of the differentiation rules?

I hope I didn't fail this test. lol

.:. J + ME .:. said...

I got confused in what to do in the optimization question. Can someone tell me what the process was?

.:. J + ME .:. said...

and as for my post test reflection, I thought the multiple choice questions were somewhat harder than the long answers. So I believe I had more difficulty with this test. I don't think I reached my goal for doing well on this test. I agree with Joseph though. The questions in the text were a little easier. I'm not complaining though, as much as it might sound as I am right now. But all I'm saying is that I have a better understanding of what to anticipate in future tests and only aspire to do better. xD