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Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Layers of Onions

Why Onions? Well as we work through our project and complete a part of our it, it would mean that we had completed one chapter, or layer if you like, of the Onion dungeon. Here is the outlook through each chapter and sub chapters of the dungeon.

Man, I should really lay-off of those war tactics games D:

Chapter 1- IX (9): The Selection
Decide on the 6 sample questions from the textbook (questions or theme may change)

Chapter 1- XVIV (19): The Contrivance
Brainstorm and discuss about the kinds of questions should we make, using reference of the six sample question and try to make a few of them.

Chapter 2- X (10): Genesis
Create the six questions that will be used for the DEV

Chapter 2- XX (20): Decryption
Solve the 6 created question and edit the ways to solve them, making it easier to understand and cleaner to look at

Chapter 3- V (5): Initiation
We begin the making of the DEV

Chapter 3- XX (20): Sound Chronicle
We begin voice over of the DEV

Chapter 3- XXX (30): Fine Tuning
Edit what we have of the DEV

Chapter 4- VI (6): Scrutiny
Look over the DEV and discuss if it needs more work or not

Chapter 5- III (3): The Final Battle
Complete and submit the final copy of the DEV project

Chapter 5- IV (4): Epilogue
Its over!! However we have to study for the upcoming exam D:

And that is the end of our outlook of the Onion Dungeon

1 comment:

Lani said...

Hi there,

Your plan is beautifully presented-- nice them and lovely graphics.

I'm wondering do you think it will be tough for you in the process without deadline dates to keep you moving forward? Maybe I'm an exception, but I need a date popping up on my calendar to help me accomplish my tasks--