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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

BOB: Integrals (Ch. 6)

So, after a bit more last minute studying, I'm finally here to BOB!

For the most part, I found this unit to be easier than the last few we've gotten. It was also a helpful review and helped clear some of the fogginess I had with the first Integrals unit.

What I found to be the most challenging parts were the Accumulation parts at first but now I think I kind of got that down now. I also remember looking at some questions in the exercises where it talked about Non-Odd or whatever it was and being completely confused so I'm still kind of iffy on those parts. I also remember being confused about that rational rule thingie (I also saw it in the was asking to explain how this is greater than that in words or something like that >__>). Yeshh..

The easiest parts were definitely finding the derivative and such from the integral and also finding the area between two curves, which I found kind of fun :P.

Well, then. There are still some things that are still a bit foggy like that part with underlying functions..but if I think hard enough I can get it to wrap around me head. Also, after looking at the pre-test and such, I can say that I'm in good shape...for now. The last question was a bit hard but the rest was pretty good. Anyways, I should get going now! Good luck on the test everyone :D

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