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Monday, November 17, 2008

Where are We?

Okay so I would like to wish Mr.K a great Welcome Back. The Jedi Master has returned. I hope Dr. Eviatar will have a great teaching career.

Where are We?

Well the last two months have been interesting. Concept-wise the first unit on Functions and Graphs were quite easy since the whole unit was composed of Precalc 40s topics. The next unit on derivatives was a bit more tough because it was a new topic. Again it wasn't all that bad (my test says otherwise -___-"). Near the end of that unit I felt more comfortable about the unit. Drawing the graphs got easier and easier. The next unit, Definite Integrals, was much more easier. At first I was thinking it was harder than the derivatives, but it turns out that I was over thinking the concepts and questions. When I got that straightened out the test became baby's play.

Now the newest unit to our class, the Differentiation Rules and Laws. This topic was quite simple. The rules were really easy to understand. But what I would have liked to see during this unit was the derivation of these rules. Seeing this would have been really great, just like how most of us had experienced Mr. K's teaching skills. One topic in this unit that I still have trouble with is with the Related Rates of Change. If it isn't too much trouble, I was wondering if we could have a brief look at this topic.

Welcome Back Mr.K and let's begin our epic journey on becoming fellow Jedi's of Mr. K
JabbaMatheez Rule...

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