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Monday, November 17, 2008

Where we at?! BOB

Okay well, I was in the middle of watching James Bond, then I realized that I had to BOB, James BOB. It actually kinda ruined the movie, haha. First off all, welcome back Mr. K, I'm excited to learn!

Our first unit about graphing was quite simple, it was pretty much a review of our previous years of graphing functions and all that. Not much to say here folks. The second unit about derivtives was pretty tough, the most I remember is about limits, I got the hand of those pretty fast, everything else was kinda blurry.. to say the least especially graphing a derivitive of a funtion from nother graph of a function, talk about confusing. The 3rd unit, was about definite integrals, was this unit short?, because I hardly remember anything about it, I remember rieman sums, but not fully.. actually not much at all only that I can use my calculator for this. This current unit was pretty cool, I felt like I did a lot in this unit because of the product rules and chain rules, and such and such. The chain rule isn't crystal clear, but I'm sure I'll get there. ESPECIALLY SINCE MR. K IS BACK! CAN I GET A HIP HIP!? HURRAY!

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