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Monday, November 17, 2008

Calculus Episode VI: Return of the Jabbamathee

So I don't know if you understand the Title and it's Subtitle, but don't worry, it's an outside joke. Oh, right, and LAPTOPS There, I said it.

But if you'd like me to explain the Title, simply say,
In a Class room far, far away (Long, long ago, but somehow in the future) the Jabbamathee Jedi Kuropatwa was having a duel with Darth Beaumont. During the duel, Jabbamathee Jedi Kuropatwa became one with the force and disappeared. The Jabbamathee Padawans regrouped and tried to reform their army and make the most of it during the Jedi's disappearance. In due time, the Jedi used the force to recreate himself a body that was an alternative substance of the Force. Thus, the return of the Jabbamathee. We can now make a stand against the Empire that is Calculus.

Mr. K & Us playing Chess against Calculus

So everyone, where are we? Now I know how you're all feeling, because it's like an episode of Lost, and we're deserted on an island of math, with only the survival tools of a Calculus book or two, a TI-83 (Which went missing for a week and I almost died), and at least 8 of our Jabbamathees were eaten by sharks trying to run away from the Island. And now we're trying to rebuild civilization on this Island, but enough of that, on to the real reflection.

Okay, I know, enough with the side plots

SO, The first chapter was pretty straight forward, and it was basically a light(if I can call it that) review of Pre-Cal. Then we went on to Derivatives, which is the rate of change. Now, I understand the concept, but I didn't get enough comprehension in my opinion or substance so to speak. (Oh how I miss doing problems on the smartboard *cut it, paste it, move it, clone it, resize it, and lock it* LOL). After that I was kinda thrown off with the derivative of the derivative (or the second derivative). I also had a lot of trouble graphing derivatives (as I assume other students had). Integrals were okay, but I still think I need a good grasp, because it feels like I'm hanging off the edge of the a cliff with that one. Surprisingly, I'm pretty good with Differentiation rules, but I don't think I'm as good as I think I am (THAT'S WHAT I FORGOT TO MENTION! WORKSHOPS!!!) *Yes, Capitals = Yelling*

Today, I must say was a great day, seeing a familiar face and kind of giving us that 'everything is gonna be okay' talk. Although things have become awkward in some departments (Richard has crossed over to the Dark Side), things look to be heading in a good direction, and some weight (if not most of it) feels like it's a lot lighter now.

Welcome back Mr. K.


.:. J + ME .:. said...

the only reason why he went to the dark side is only because they have cookies. xD

Shelly said...

And don't forget insurance for those cookies =3

Benofschool said...

Dibs on being one of the knights

.:. J + ME .:. said...

chess cookies...