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Monday, November 24, 2008

Chapter 4 Pre-test (and BOB)

Well in today's class there was a small debate about whether or not we heard the day we are having a test on a Tuesday (tomorrow) or on a Wednesday (November 26). So we came to a conclusion to have the test on Wednesday, since many of us heard it was on that day. Then right after we had a pretest, after a couple of moments we were split up into groups. In the group that I was in we had quite a bit of trouble figuring out who had the right answers and so on, and there where questions where I had doubted some of my answers.

Nearing the end of class Mr. K managed to go over some of the questions with us.

Question 1
In a very bad video format, where some words are cut off and etc...
( I was experimenting with this program)

Question 2
For this question all you need to do is use the quotient rule so there is not much explination in here.

Question 3
Here in this question, I'm still a little bit iffy on it, because I can't see how you find the derivative of a numeral, so if possible can someone explain to how do you find a derivative in a numeral form?

And up to here we ran out of time to finish the rest, I'm sorry if this isn't a very detailed post since I had some confusing questions to deal with >>;; So please don't shoot.


Well as you can see in the first part of this post I had some difficulty with some questions, but the biggest challenge to me is the chain rule... I don't really like the chain rule sometimes because it can get pretty messy and ugly fast. However that is not the only thing, I think I need to work on the questions (forgot what they are called) involving change of (insert x here) over the change in time. Plus I need to figure out how to find a derivative using numerals... Good luck on the test everyone!

Finally the next scribe will be Jamie!

PS: Since I'm gone for my road test during class on Wednesday, is it okay if I write the test during my lunch hour?

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