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Monday, November 3, 2008

Pre-Test: Definite Integrals

Today we had our pre-test for the unit Definite Integrals. Since Dr. Eviatar is currently smart board handicapped and cannot post any slides, I shall steal the one from last year's blog :D

Anywho, the first two questions are basically the same type of question. All you have to do is input the functions given into your calculator and then use fnInt to get the answers. Easy peasy.

The next question is basically just thinking each of those answers through and if you could understand what each are trying to say, then you'd find that the only true answer is D.

Question 4 is a bit trickier. First you have to make the function so that you could write it into the definite integral form. After constructing the function from the info given [(5t+4)-.5t2], you then make your definite integral and add 10. The reason you add 10 is because at t = 0, the tank should contain 10 gallons of water. From there, you just solve and voila, you should get the answer on the slide.

Number 5 is just a simple analysis of the graph given.

Part A for the last question shouldn't be too hard if you had been keeping up with your homework. The reason why the interval shown is from 0 to 4 is because it takes 4 years to get to 1996 from 1992.

Part B just deals with finding the values for f(t) for the first 4 intervals. You just start with f(0) and go up to f(3) then add them all together. d(-_-d)

Part C was just asking to basically write a story about how the oil consumption was changing during the interval given in part B.

Alright that's it. The next scribe is not Justus, but Joyce. Good luck on the test tomorrow everyone and a reminder to the scribe that you don't scribe on test days! =D

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