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Monday, November 17, 2008

Where Are You Blog-On Blog?

So where are we at? Currently one of the most important thing that I have learned during the past 2 months are:

Note: In chapter 1 I was fine until we landed in limits which I haven't learned in grade 12 pre-cal, which pretty much demoralized me into losing some hope in this class.

A) Chapter 2 - I AM NOT MUCH OF A VISUAL LEARNER! Staring at graphs and imagining them changing into something else with vague information are not friendly to me, why? Well I find it kind of hard to work with them when I can't use algebra, or was given very few information to solve it in that form. (Is not lover of depending on a calculator 24/7 (Seriously whats the point of using a calculator most of a time when half of the exam we wouldn't be using it and or, depending on the career choice, during the rest of our lives? >>;; No offense))

B) Chapter 3 - In integrals, things here began to get better, since there was a bit of algebra involved, and a bit of the old stuff. However I am beginning to sense that in most of the tests there will be a big free response question in it, which I have no idea how to solve.
>_______<; Finally C) Well at the beginning I was fine, until we reached to the part with Leibniz Notation and the Chain Rule, after jumping a couple of chunks in the text book, then I got lost. After a while I eventually caught on; on using the notation, but then I hit another bump on the road when we try to solve for questions involving a combination of the rules, when solving those questions as a class on the board, there were many jumps from one step to another step, which gave me almost no idea on what the heck was going on. Hopefully since, Mr K. came back things are going to be a bit clearer and more detailed, minus any philosophical sayings that may occur in this class. Especially since during these past 2 months I haven't learned as much I as I hoped to. So where are we at BOB? I have no idea, if this was a game of Trouble I would probably be sent back to home base from being stepped on constantly by the other players. Or in terms of Monopoly, to those who doesn't know the rules to Trouble, I would be stuck on the Jail square. T^T

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.:. J + ME .:. said...

oh yeah i forgot to mention Leibniz notation.