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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Nov.13th 2008

Well, today we did section 4.6-- Relted Retes of Change

Q: A(S)=S^2 If S growing at 2m/min how fast is A changing?

Change in A is (dA)/(dS)=2S 2=(ds)/(dt) looking for A(t)

(dA)/(dT)=[(dA)/(dS)] [(dS)/(dT)]=2(S)(2)=4S

P=4S (dP)/(dT)=[(dP)/(dS)][(dS)/(dT)]=4(2)=8

The next two question we did are:
Example 2 on page 231 Example 3 on page 232

Homework: Exercises 4.6 #1,4,6,7,9,10,13,15,16,20,21

Next scribe is.......... Rence


Anonymous said...

Jasmin isn't in our class anymore, she dropped. Refer to the scribe list (click the tag on the left side or scroll down a bit) for someone new to choose.

Rence said...

Uhhhh, I'm lost.

*Reads book*

Dr. Eviatar said...

Does that refer to the course, or just to life in general, Rence?

How was the Engineering thing?

Cheers, Dr. Eviatar, had Mr. K come in today and rearrange all the desks.

yíNAЙ said...