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Monday, November 24, 2008

BOB Version 4: Differentiation Rules

Looking through chapter 4, the first half of the unit wasn't as bad as I imagined, since the first half was mostly mechanical: "Get the formula; plug and chug." The other half, I can't say the same. The related rates of change problems gets the honour of being the muddiest point in my learning. I feel I haven't done enough practice, so I'll be sure to remember to put an emphasis on that part of the unit when reviewing for the test. For the pretest that we did this morning, I may not have gotten the best mark, but it was because of the pretest that made me understand more about the type of question like pretest question #3, where I was given a set of data and a formula and I have the derivative of g'(1) by applying what I know about the differentiation rules. Trying to juggle everything that's in this unit (and in other courses too), I will keep going, I will keep moving forward. And in the end, it's my hope that I'll be confident with related rate of change problems and that balance is achieved.

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