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Monday, November 17, 2008


It's been ice ages since I last did this. Blogging On Blogging. BOB. You get the point. Technically, since blog is derived from weblogging, technically it's WOWing. But speaking of deriving....

I know I go off in tangents, [sines and cosines], but I haven't changed much. I should end the corny talk and just BOB or WOW. Whatever floats your little sailboat. I am fully aware that you don't want an essay, but I'm warning you in advance. What I write is never as short as I am.

Where do I begin? Chapter one was easy after a while, adjusting after summer, but then again, I'm one to talk since I always duplicate my uncommon sense on tests. It's something I do. Something that makes me degrade myself ...and of course my marks. Derivatives...I think it's fair to say that the majority of people found it difficult at first, finding how a function changes [the long way] and so on and so forth, but I'm not even quite sure if I understand it right through my bones or whatever that quote was.

Integrals...was..kind of the same for me.. but later on I caught on to it. Then differentiation rules...I sort of had my break, since I knew what I did wrong before in the previous chapters which seemed to help a teeny bit.

But the main parts that still remain vague to me are graphing parts, and how to graph the derivative of a function without an actual function, I guess, by using inflection points and what not. I can't explain it much because I don't know much about it. It's the thing that's bugging me the most since it's been on every test that we've had so far. Every test that I've ... failed. As well as that, what I don't really get much is how to extract the needed information to solve a word problem with derivatives and the chain rule. I'm sure with new thorough lessons and practice with problems, I can learn this, hopefully good enough to at least live up to my own expectations.

It's good to have things come back to the way things were, with Mr. K back and everything, and I know I might sound kind of weird but the room looked...different today for some reason. I'm just saying that the ROOM itself looked different today. I really don't know why. There's something going on. I'm just saying. A math conspiracy? Or Feng Shui [well besides that the desks were moved around, there was something else.] The point is, we all survived the first two months or so and I don't think any of us will be disappearing like victims in a bad horror movie any longer.

I'm looking forward to starting fresh tomorrow!! Snappity snargle click click boom people!

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