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Monday, November 24, 2008

Differentiation BOB

SO. Derivatives. Yes. I don't like the rate of change of my marks from Grade 12 to Calculus. I did however just recieve word that I got accepted into University so, Yay!

Anyways, yes, I'll be up all night, studying my brain off so that I can get all of this straight, and I've been contemplating whether I should do that or not, but hey, I'm in the redzone of marks, so I'll be up for a while guys :D

But to get this out of the way, yes, I didn't have as much trouble with derivatives when I learned the differentiation rules. :D It was an upside. Then I kinda started to struggle with Linear Approximation. I mean I get it, but not 100 %. Well technically, I'm not 100% in any unit in this course so far. So I'm gonna have to pick up my pace. Yes I wasn't use to the pace change after changing from Mr K, to Dr. Eviatar, then Mr. K again. So I haven't been able to handle the rate of change of that either. LOL. But I need some work with Implicit... no actually I need work on everything =/ So, I will be studying for the next night or so.

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