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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bobbing about, erm, something

I totally forgot what unit we're on.

So yeah, about that whole math thing.
I get most of the recent stuff we're talking about, but the shaky stuff is mostly is that finding the rate/derivative stuff. I'm still hung up on those, like where you have to find dx/dy given DQ/A&W (silly example that we're given seemingly random other rates like du/dn that somehow relate to the rate/value we're looking for). In fact, the whole derivative/integral/differentiable thing is kind of lost on me still. The last few classes however have been a little clearer and I feel I have a good grasp of the stuff we did today like using the derivative function to try and find critical numbers.

I hope that I'll do well on this test but expect that at best I'll squeak by 50%. More than likely I'll fail it though (I hope not :\).

I hope that with Mr.K back we can clear up whatever people don't understand (and I hope do this before we move on so that we don't encounter problems in the future) because his explainations are much clearer than Dr. Eviatar's.

Good luck tomorrow with the test everyone and get a good nights sleep!

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