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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

BOB... Wait, we're Doing These Again?

Okay so we're doing these agian nao right? Sounds good ;p

SO. Chapter 4.
Overall I feel like this was a really high and low unit for me. It wasn't the hardest unit ever, but it definitely wasn't easy. For me, the hardest part is definitely related rates problems. I hardly understand them :S Super confusing.

The algebra stuff in general though, is loads easier for me then graphing stuff (With me being more about the algebra and all.)

I dont anticipate I shall do extremely well on this test, although I'm hoping for a decent result. To be honest I really just need to spend a lot more time with this stuff (specifically related rates D:). Like Jamie said in her bob, it feels like I understand the concepts, but have trouble applying them in most cases.

Hopefully a fresh start in chapter 6 will be what I need, since it feels like everything since Mr.K got back has mostly been "damage control" so to speak.

Well I think thats about everything on my end. I'm out to go fill out more applications for various university things -__-;

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