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Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Today in calculus, we started digging into the next chapter which was full of familiar concepts. Since the SmartBoard is dearly missed and we can't exactly pull a Steve McQueen on the school division and get the lightbulb ourselves, I decided to do our notes on the Notebook software, which will be published later tonight.. [well I guess not, since slideshare didn't accept my filetype.]

Derivatives 11 25 08
View SlideShare document or Upload your own. (tags: derivatives calculus)

The slides are a bit... messed up. I probably should've clicked that landscape box or something. You can go to slideshare and fullscreen them I guess...Good luck on the test everyone!! Homework was Ex. 5.1 all odd and also include 30, 38 & 46

As for the next scribe, it will be...


Benofschool said...

Great Job Jamie.
You really set the bar high for the next scribers :P

kristina said...

Posting so this gets into hall of fame. C'mon guys, at least get one of our generation's post in there XD

zeph said...

I nominate Jamie into Hall of Fame.

.:. J + ME .:. said...

Do I count in the nomination lol. I hope it doesn't have to come to that jk. seems pretty desperate

But really, I'm touched. **does the queen wave** It seems like the only good thing I did for this class so far.