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Monday, November 17, 2008

BOB: Where Are We?

So the Question is, Where are we?

That's exactly what I'd like to know ;_;

Really though, my opinions on the past couple months are these.

The first bit, as everyone has been saying, we easy enough. Review and whatnot, so it wasn't too bad. The hardest thing to do was get used to being in school again.

Then we started derivatives. Now, my personal take on it is, I know lots about derivatives. However I understand almost none of it. I know a derivative describes how a function changes. I dont really understand how to apply this. I have a limited understanding of limits (as these weren't explained in any kind of detail at all. At least not while I was around.)

Next I believe, was integrals. This unit was by far my best, and I understood it's concepts quite well. Much better then say, derivatives.

The third and most recent unit, has been about fifty fifty. I understand the easier differentiation rules, namely the product, power, and to a degree, quotient rules. I also understand some things about the chain rule, although I have almost zero ability to apply it practically (a testament to the lack of understanding I have on the subject.)

Overall, I'm on fairly thin ice here, with less then 50% of the course so far falling in what I could call, "Comprehended material", about 30% in a region of, "mid to low level understanding" and the rest (about 30-40%) in a region of, "Could we try again without the latin?"

Hopefully we can change all that though!

So overall, its been okay, not quite what I was expecting, but I coped, and I'm looking to get back on track :P

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