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Monday, November 17, 2008

BOB Version ???: Where Are We?

After having Mr. K as my math teacher since my first semester of grade ten, it was different not having him around in math class for two months. During his absence, we had a revolving door of teachers teaching our class; we were exposed to different teaching styles.

With one teacher, we studied directly from the textbook, using the examples it provided. Although reading the textbook is good, I thought we should have used our class time doing questions from Mr. K's old slides from last year instead of reading our textbook, because I can read my textbook at home instead.

A lot of the content in chapters 2 and 3 were weighted heavily on our calculators and graphing, especially graphing the derivative. As we ventured on into learning more about the derivative, we found out that we can find the derivative of a derivative, the second derivative (and the derivative of the derivative of a derivative, the third derivative, and so on). My muddiest point in learning must have been giving an answer to a question that asks for information when given a second derivative and I have to find something about the original function, or vice-versa, because of taking the "extra steps" involved in obtaining the answer.

On the other hand, chapter 3 was about the integral. Using my knowledge of grade 11 physics, studying the integral was a breeze (compared to studying the derivative).

So to help answer Mr. K's question, "where are we?" or more specifically, "where am I in my learning?" a review of the relationships between a function and its second derivative would be nice.

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