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Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Scuba Steve Dillema

I knew I forgot to do something yesterday. And that was check to blog -__-"

Sorry that this is very late, some urgent things came up and I wasn't able to get home until 1, so I'll just give a quick run down of what happened since everyone was in class.

Anyways, we worked on another question, this one being about Scuba Steve. There was a lot of information, so the question had to be read carefully to fully understand it.

So as you can see, to solve it, we found that the hypotenuse of the triangle at the beginning is 30 root two. we then found the remaining area near the end of the distance to be x since we do't know how long that distance was. Because triangle is a triangle with two sides equal, the top of it would be 30, thus the 170 - x (it's 170 because 200 - 30)

So that makes the second part of the equation for part a. The next slope we found one of the sides to be 45 feet. So then we found the hypotenuse to be root x squared + 2025. And now we can build our equation.

*Red is what Paul stated. Blue = edited work.
The RDT triangle is an example of how to change from rates, to distances, to times.

The next part is done by benchmen (Yes, he's a plural. That's not weird), and he found the derivative of the function, and set it to zero to find x.

Unfortunately, this is as far as we got as we ran out of time.
Next scribe will be Ben

The Truth about Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris
Some real fighting, none of that ninja fighting bullet dodging special effects haha.

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