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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

BOB: Differential Equations

Looking back, this unit wasn't that bad. Most of the content in this chapter were things that we should already know, such as the first and second order equations. Those parts weren't so bad to deal with. I found myself becoming quite fond of the Newton's cooling law questions as well. They were fun to do once I actually started getting past my pre cal problems with them.

The slope field and Euler's method things were so so for me. I admit having some trouble seeing a certain function within some slope fields, it takes me a while for the more difficult ones. As for the Euler one, doing that manually was a real pain in the butt. There was so much more room for errors that I had to restart the assignment that was given around that time about five or six times. Yes, I messed up that much.

And of course there was the differentiating by separating the variables using the Leibniz notation thing. I really didn't like the Leibniz notation at first, but I can see why we should learn to love it. Admittedly, I did fail hard at recognizing where to do the separation of the variables on the pre-test. Maybe I'm just too used to the other notation better, or I was thinking too hard but I think I should be able to get it on the test! Other than my utter lack of ability to spot when to separate, I'm confident in actually differentiating using this method when I actually do spot it.

Emm..I think that's it. Yes, good luck on the test on Thursday my fellow peers. I shall now go back to cry at the fact that I can't edit my Question 9 on the wiki page.

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