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Monday, April 13, 2009

April 13.

Today in class we were finally introduced to our Wiki Solutions Manual, a little project where we thoroughly solve one question from a set of ten given. We post the solutions on the blog in the first week, and in the second week we find a mistake or simply make another person's solution more elegant.

Easy enough, and this will prepare us for the DEV projects that are soon arriving deadline. We will use LaTeX code to make the equations a lot easier to write out, on the page itself on the right side bar, there is a link that gives all the codes right below the "sitmo" box.

The goal of this project is to come up with perfect solutions to the calculus questions posted, through various minds working and correcting a single problem. You may correct an already corrected problem if you believe something has to be corrected. You may check if a question has been edited by simply clicking "page history" on the post itself.

If you're still not sure on how to do this project, there is an explanation and example on the wiki page itself. Remember, first come, first serve as far as the questions go. The tab for the Wiki Solutions Manual is found at the top of the blog by the banner.

We will have a pre-test tomorrow, on our unit of Differential Equations.

We had a quiz today and we were allowed to use calculators.

Find what x is equal to, when y is equal to one, by inputting the y-value into the given equation. Find the derivative of that equation, and bring the y-derivative value to one side, then input the points that you found from the first step. We do this because the derivative on a point on a graph is the slope.

Question 2.

The area under a graph is found my integrating it over a certain interval. We're trying to find what interval that is. If the area under both graphs is equal at a certain interval, we equate them and find the integral. Then we solve for k.

Question 3.

Integrate it. Use chain rule. The interval given is 1 to 2x.

Question 4.

We found the area from the x-axis to the graph for each part. I`m not quite sure how we did this. But I`ll find out.

We also did question 3 of our worksheet we got on Wednesday when there was a substitute teacher. We didn`t quite finish in class, but I`m sure we will go over the question in tomorrows class.

Good-luck on the pre-test everyone and the next scribe is Jamie.

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