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Friday, April 24, 2009

Mini Exam 3

Thought I'd do my scribe early to make room for studying =(.

This was a gimme question. Very straight forward. We just have to apply the average value formula:

This was a washer question. Ah good times right? "I don't see the hole!" In washer questions we just subtract big radius squared from little radius squared and integratate. Don't forget your pi.

After simplifying we realize that the function is just a line. So we know I is true since the limit from both sides will be equal since this is a line. II is also true because f(a) is defined. III however is not true because x cannot equal a. So there's a hole in our line.

There was a little typo with the questions here. But it's all better now. The table gives us numerical values so that was a hint that we numerically find the derivative at 1.2. We do that by finding the slope from the left and right of 1.2 by using the f(x+h)-f(x)/h formula.

So we first start by cutting the graph up into 4 intervals. The ending time was 24 and they want it into 4 intervals so 24/4=6. So our intervals are 6 hours apart. To find a midpoint Riemann sum we use the middle value of the interval as the length of the rectangle and of course width is the change in time.

K that's it folks. I think this is my last scribe post =(. The exams getting closer so don't forget to do your three questions a day. Hope you guys are enjoying you're long weekend. Next scribe will be Yi Nan.

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