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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Scribe again!!!!!
OK, we start with finishing the honeybee problem. To be honest I didn't really get it, it's kind of hard for me to understand. I will skip that question.

Then we went to the quiz, parties exam questions.

In this question you use 2ND derivative test to find the concavity of the original function.
I will use Mr.K's work

red part is the 1st derivative, then he used green to find the 2ND derivative .
After that he use the number line to complete the 2ND derivative test.

For this question there isn't any correct answer for it,I will explain it any way:

A graph will help to find how the triangle look like on the graph.
Use the area equation: 1/2bh then find a(3) =54, because the coordinates of the triangle is (x, 27-x^2) use it to build the area equation. Then use the first derivative test to find the max and min, evaluate the area from then.

This is the mean value question that we have to use the formula
to help us to find the answer.
1st we plug the values in to simplified it then evaluate it from 0 to pi/3.
Find the anti-derivative of tan(x) by using substation. If you done every thing correctly the answer will be B.

i picked A for this one and I think I'm not the only one who gets wrong on this question.
It's not as easy as I thought.
We forget the dx part that it counts as part of the substation.
That's where the 1/2 comes from, u find dx to replace dt, because x is use to replace 2t+1.
Then you work thought that you should end up with D.

Mr.K will be away tomorrow and the next couple days, someone else will be here for him but he doesn't know who.

Next scribe will be...paul......lucky get the long weekend to do!!!!



Benofschool said...

Hi Yinan,

For your next scribe, I recommend a smaller image size. The image sizes you used on this slide are a bit too large because they are behind the right column.

From your classmate,

yíNAЙ said...

I will change I forget to look over^_^