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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Almost Final Scribe Posteyness

Alrighty guys, as chosen by yinan I'm the scribe for todays class, which is great, because its a short scribe, and I have to go to work in about half an hour, so it works out perfect.

Anyways, todays class was a relatively simple one, as for reasons unknown to me, Mr. K wasn't there. Instead we had a sub, who's instructions to us were to work on the questions we had been given yesterday (I think? I wasn't all to clear about which questions he was talking about.) So the majority of the class did that. Myself, Lawrence, and Francis used that opportunity to do a bit more work on our DEV and go over some questions from the text that we had been struggling with.

Overall the class was mostly geared towards review and practice questions in preparation for our ever looming AP Calculus Exam (May 6th D:)

So I think thats everything, and its good too, because now I must get ready to go to work :] See everyone tomorrow!

SO theres one swear in it, I didnt notice it until just now. Theres also some mild drug references, although they're in good nature. Basically, make sure theres no young children around and it should be fine :]

Edit: Oh yeah, Kristina's scribbbbeeeeee Sorry for the lateness. I forgot ^^;

1 comment:

Not Paul said...

Oh I finally realized where I saw this from.

Post on Gizmodo. Basically the entire song is "fixed" with a software called AutoTune which is used in the music industry extensively.