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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Differential Equations BOB

When we first started this unit, it was quite easy. We learned a lot of stuff in this unit from our previous units. The Euler's Method when done by hand was tedious, but not hard. Slope fields were pretty cool to draw.

We went into the velocity and acceleration problems next. It's much easier to follow the question by writing down everything that's given in the question, and from the initial information, finding hidden information by doing a bit of work.

Newton's Law of Cooling was not bad in class, but looking back I can't remember much about it. I still have trouble on when to use certain equations and using the calculator to solve certain problems, so I'm still sort of worried. I just wish we had a class today for review or maybe a formula sheet, I suppose this would help by refreshing my memory on the different equations. Good luck on the test everyone.

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