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Monday, April 27, 2009


In today's class Mr.K went through the our wiki, to show us some tips to compare the difference between two person's edits of the question. All you have to do is to quick the page history, then choose the two that you wants and qiuck compare. The green parts are the parts that are added, and the red is the parts that are been deleated. Also the deline for DEV project is extened, due to the high purssre of the upcoming AP Exam.

As always we did a mini exam to help us review for the exam:
Find the derivative of both function, which V1=cos(t) & V2=-2e^(-2t)
It's in terms of V because the X1 and X2 are the postion fungction the derivative of postion is velocity which is V.
Then you let V1=V2, which is
cos(t)=-2e^(-2t). You can graph both is the calacror or find the interstion point of the two functions. OR you can let the whole thing equals to 0, cos(t)+2e^(-2t)=0
then find the root of the function. The answer should be D)three

In this parblem you applie the derivative test rules. Graph the function, then find where the function have it's roots over the interval [-1,]3]. Then at the three roots find the point that is going from negative to postive, because it's a local minimum. Your answer should be E)2.507

From the graph, take a slice and look at it as a disk with a washer in it. Then , cos(x)=x which becomes 0=cost(x)-x. use the area formular the pluge everthing in to find the function . If you done everthing correctly you should end up with C)1.520

will this question camed up the third time, I think everyone is good with it. The answer is D)8647 gallons.

The end..............
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