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Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Final BOB... or so I think

I actually quite enjoyed this unit. It was a great finale to the cours.e I liked the end of this unit in particularly, but I didn't appreciate Euler's method because I kind of still don't understand it. I kind of don't remember it. ALl I vaguely remember is that it was a method used in slope fields?

The other thing that I had trouble with, was the basic math. Simple precal. I seem to be over thinking things. Not really anymore, since I've been practicing, so I feel really confident about this test. That part at least.

Newton's law. Again, the only thing was the basic math, but now, the bigger problem to me is how to set up the function. But seriously.. I've never felt better about any other test. Let's hope this feeling stays this way and hope that Euler's doesn't get out and take me down.


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