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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Varied Axis of Rotation

Varied Axis Rotations
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Again, if you're too lazy to look through the slides. The next scribe is Joseph.

1 comment:

.:. J + ME .:. said...

I was thinking about asking this in class today, but I was vocally deprived. I was wondering about pi day. You all remember my glorious cheesecake, right? Well, I'm thinking of pulling a Betty Crocker again, and making one, but I'm having ingredient issues.

The only thing I think I'm missing right now is the Philadelphia brick cheese-- which is basically.. the whole part of it. But mama's not letting me spend my money on it. So if you really want cheesecake on pi day-- it was pie shaped okay? Plus I want a picture of it this year before it gets cut. If you guys want it, I was wondering if you'd like to chip in for the cheese. Technically I'm not making any profit, because it's pretty expensive. I'm probably aiming for $1.25 each? or 1.. depends.

It wouldn't be a rip off because think about how expensive cheesecakes are at restaurants. Over $4, and that's by the slice. So mull it over and get back to me? If I can't make that, I'll have to find... another pie.