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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Scribe Meets BOB!

Yes, so I'm going to input my BOB in the same post also! So here I go!!! Also, what the heck is that ugly bar on my front slide? Oh well, whatever. I'm just glad slideshare finally worked.

Anyways, I thought this unit was pretty hard to grasp at first, especially the rotation parts. I couldn't see how they made the washers and shells at first but after doing lots of practice with them, I can see the patterns! They're beautiful by the way. Yes, so the pre-test also gave me some confidence for the test tomorrow since I did pretty well. Although, I kind of blanked out and couldn't finish my long answer. I basically just left the integral but didn't go on with solving for k. Silly me, har har. I won't do it for the test though.

As for the hardest parts for me. It is definitely the density stuff like that Boston by the Sea question we took so long to finish. Although I'm still kind of iffy, I think I'll manage.

Yeah, so in case you didn't look through the slides, the next scribe is Lawrence.

And to follow with the recently started tradition, here's a youtube video. I'm in a massive nostalgia stage right now, heck, I even watched the first episode of the first Power Rangers again when I got home today. Great stuff man. Anyways, here's my contribution...its a bit of what's to come...if you catch my drift >_>

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