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Saturday, March 14, 2009


This is the scribe post for Friday, I'm assuming. And I'm in charge! BUAHAHAHA! The class planned to do the pretest while eating pie...hmph. Now I'm wondering how I should spell "pie" now. Every time I do it like that, I have the urge of spelling "pi". But yes, I think we're doing the pretest on Monday. Study hard, everyone! I know I am. :D Hopefully it will get me places.

As for today.. No pie. Thankfully. No more tummy aches...and no more me, yelling "KEY LIME, WHERE'S THE KEY LIME?!?!" Although I'm grateful that I got peach pie.

**giggle.snort.** I couldn't resist. I was.. after all.. watching it all day. I know he's going to be celebrating Pi Day.. I feel like calling it National Pi Day. Is it national?
That video isn't any comparison to the nostalgia and the nom nom. So.. I have yet to conquer.

As well as devour pie, we had a little chit chatter here and there, while Mr. K took pictures of the pies and people... **wink wink** send them over, Mr. K. xD Memories.

Afterwards, we ate more pie drank some chocolate milk and/or soda, I gained at least five pounds, I did a few pirouettes in the classroom, since.. I never get to do them in math class. But I can't even do ten anymore.. I've lost my centre...too much pie :S And then we discussed a topic along the lines of how today's advanced technology affects both the learning experiences of students and teachers. Mr. K asked if there were any volunteers to do a live chat in a couple of weeks, as well as record our feedback on his nifty little mp3 player. I still wonder what's on it...It's what I think about every time I see someone with an mp3 player or an iPod.

Later in the class, we drew our little pi signs. Pie signs... I don't know anymore. After we "painted" our masterpieces with pencils and highlighters, Mr K. flaunted his environmentally friendly Mac to take his pictures. I feel like I've already said this earlier in the post.... erm...uh. Oh well. If I had had the time, I'd probably draw something along the lines of....

That's all I seem to remember from Friday's class. I'm just going to say, that I'm really happy with where we're going in calculus right now. We're working hard and getting prepared to brace ourselves with the exam. If we keep this up, we all could probably ace this. At least you guys, as for me? I'll try my hardest xD

  • Pretest will mostly fall on Monday's class.
  • Test on Tuesday if all goes as planned.
  • Next scribe is yinan
Now if you're getting a little uneasy and stressed out...perhaps this is the remedy for you.

Hope you enjoy the remainder of *National* Pi Day!! Gooo out, get some pie. I really wish there was a steak day. Or an onion rings day... **drool** PARTYYY!!

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