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Monday, March 2, 2009


It's really late now, but I will still start on my post. I might have to finish it tomorrow, forgive me for the late post.
Well we don't have the slides for today so i will write as much as i could. First thing first, welcome Mr.K back.
OK, today we reviewed last week's lesson and where we don't get or understand.( I forget my notes!!! I will do what I remember.)

the 1st function is the displacement of the velocity
the2ND function is the total distance of velocity because it took the absolute value of the whole function.
the3rd function is just a positive displacement it force the negative to become positive.
Mr.K said it's not important, doesn't really mean anything.
then he made couple of example of how it works out and what are the differences.

2/the we talked about the hole which is the washer, the problem we couldn't find the washer for this one:

It came out to be 3 different question which explained why we didn't figure out.
a) is where the function y=x^2 and y=4 spinning around the axis

this graph spinning around the x-axis, it some out to be a washer and at the point (0,0) the washer ended it's filled.

b) is where the functions spinning around y=-1

we can see there is the big washer that it will never get to be filled

c) is where the functions spinning around y=4

as seeing there will never be a washer it it spinning around y=4

I have some notes that i left at school that i will edit this post tomorrow, sorry about that.
remember there is not school tomorrow afternoon
next scribe is ....................... Francis ( get the afternoon to do it!!)

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