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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

BOB Version 8: Applications of Integrals

The first section of the chapter, integrating velocity/speed to determine displacement/distance, was a breeze. Then rotating graphs came along... We learned how to take a function, integrate it, and then revolve it around the x-axis, revolve it around the y-axis, revolve around y=-1, and revolve it up the wazoo! Hopefully, no one's going to ask me how to revolve it around a parabola because I don't know how--a possible DEV question?

The visualizing of the washer and our quest in search of the hole took a lot of time for me to wrap my head around. Determining the integral of a function that's rotated around a line besides the x- and y-axis kinda messed me over in the pretest, but I managed to re-learn some of it thanks to the collaboration.

But when The Mean Value Theorem of Integrals came along, it was like a break from all this revolving and rotating, which made my head revolve and rotate too, not in the literal sense.

I realize I have to emphasize working more on the density problems since when Mr.K said "this should be a gimme!" it wasn't really a gimme as of yet.

You have reached the end of my BOB.

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