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Monday, March 16, 2009

Just found out that I'm the scribe for today sorry for the delay!!!
We suppose do the pre-test to day, but we are confused at certain type of question so we continued on this question:

This is the homework from Friday.

Use trapezoid sum to answer this question part a.

For part b, u basically just plot the graph out and u find it's constant at 1 to 8 so it's a straight line there the equation is -7.5r=82.5.
0 to 1 is also constant no change in slop so it's 75.
The 2ND question: draw the diagram 1st.
each one is 5 units away so it's d(0) to d(20).
then you add all of them up, it's underestimate you can tell from the graph.
I didn't really remember what we had went through in class.
Couple things to remember for this unit.
* always take a piece out of the whole solid, no there it's a disk or shell.
*dx is always means something, don't just put it in because u have to.
some helpful links to help review for the unit test:
hope this helps!!!!

the rest of the slides are home works to practice.
By the way next scribe is ........Kristina..............

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