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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Applications of Integrals Bobbbbb

Hey guys, I guess its that time of unit again. To talk about all the little finicky bits and the easy bits and the ones you liked and didn't like and all that stuff.

So since I'm super tired, I'm kinda gonna cut to the chase, so I can get all my z's haha.

SO overall I found the unit wasn't to bad. I understand the concept of taking a slice of whatever your looking at, analyzing it, and applying what you understand about that slice to the rest of the solid.

I'm finding the hardest part to generally be figuring out what the solid looks like and what exactly the question is asking. I also tend to forget some bits of the question (like when dealing with washer problems, I sometimes forget to subtract the inner circle :P)

Anyways the final verdict, this unit wasn't that terrible, although it wasn't my favourite either.

K, well I'm off to sleep, good luck tomorrow everyone!


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