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Monday, February 23, 2009

Post Antiderivatives Test

Another test over with. Was it me or was that test extremely long? I barely had enough time to finish it. I completed all of the long answers (1st one was a doozy). The multiple choice took the longest overall because there was like 4 pages of them. But I was well prepared for the types of questions. I wasn't expecting that long of a test.

Enough about me. How about everyone else? How did you think you did on the test? What were the hard parts? Easy Parts?


kristina said...

Yeah, I also found it to be extremely long. I somehow managed to finish though.

As for how I felt I did. I think I can safely say that this was my best test thus far. The multiple choice questions were okay but I found myself having the most difficulty with the anti differentiation and differentiation page. I wasn't quite sure how you could have used part a to solve part b but I think I did okay on those parts as well.

The last page was definitely the easiest for me. I only recall svrewing up my algebra when using the fundamental theorem of calculus on b. XD

Anywho, I'm done sharing. If anyone can explain the
part a and part b thing to me, please do =)

Benofschool said...

If you don`t get it, I`ll show you how to do it tomorrow. :D

kristina said...

Okay then =D

Dr. Eviatar said...

Did you guys notice that Mr. K messed up and the multiple choice questions included all the pretest questions? I think he muttered something about "a gift" when we talked briefly last Wednesday.

I've started looking at them but I can't guarantee they will be done before Mr. K comes back. I'll do my best.

Rence said...

I would also have to say that this was one of the tests I was most comfortable with, however it was very long, and I didn't have time to finish it.

zeph said...

Please excuse my negativity, but having pretest questions added onto a test to theoretically boost our marks, making it so long that how many people finished the test? I don't consider a long test as a "gift." Think of it like giving someone fruitcake for Christmas. Just like the test being easy, buying fruitcake is easy too! Friends buy friends fruitcakes as gifts...and they end up in the trash. Hopefully, I'm wrong and that his gift is something more delicious. lol

Speaking of deliciousness and math, I'm looking forward to Pi Day again! =D

dkuropatwa said...

@zeph I didn't quite follow your analogy.

Benofschool said...

I 2nd that Mr K

Pi day is coming up...

.:. J + ME .:. said...

time for the cheesecake? means i have to go shopping for brick cheese again.

I did like this test, but I really feel that I well... not wasted, but okay.. probably wasted most of the time doing the multiple choice and then the bell rang, and then I wrote nonsense in the long answer. I'm ashamed of myself yes.. because those questions were a gift.

kristina said...

Yes... Time for cheesecake indeed.

.:. J + ME .:. said... wasn't meant to give your tummy pangs.

zeph said...

Yeah, after rereading it, the analogy doesn't seem to fit lol, but main point is that I thought the test was too long too.

And also, just wondering, I know you're always busy Mr.K, but will the annual coin hunt take place on Pi Day this year?

And LOL @ kristina

zeph said...

We should have the yearbook committee take pics too!

(talking about Pi Day...again...)