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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Found some cool stuff, Team PSY video

Took so loooong

Anyway, guys, I also ran across some great stuff you may be interested in. MIT has an online site called OCW (Online Course Work), which uses Youtube to hold videos of course lectures. Im sure we could all use these for studies and to get a feel for University style study.

The main page is, with the mathematics section being here:

They keep links to pages with the videos, and they're even avaliable to download so you can peruse them in your free offline time, or on your iPod! (neat)

Here's one page that has video links to stuff we've already learned. Good for brushing up.

I havent gone through much of it, but this site also seems to cover coursework and lectures for more advanced calculus, in case anybody is interested in seeing what we're doing next.

Also, NOT just Calc stuff there, MANY subjects covered. I personally will be looking into the computer science stuff they have, neat stuff.


yíNAЙ said...
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yíNAЙ said...

good job paul sorry i didn't get to help u