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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bobs, antiderivatives, and integrals oh my!

So this is my bob post for this unit. How did this unit make me feel? well for the most part I definitely understood more of it then just about any unit we've done so far, the mechanical aspects of it make it appealing to me on so many levels ;p The substitution stuff was interesting, I found that to probably be some of the easier stuff, along with the anti-derivatives of the arc-trig functions.

The harder stuff would mostly be everything I wasn't in class to learn haha (Namely, integration by parts, and the stuff from tuesday) although it wasn't really all that bad. Overall I can safely say that I enjoyed this unit.

So I think thats everything, I'm off to do a bit of last minute studying before I hit the z's.

Night, and good luck everyone :]

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