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Thursday, February 19, 2009

BOB: Chapter 7

Hello everyone. Is everyone ready for the test?! I think I am... Anyways, I liked this chapter a whole lot more than the last few. Finding anti derivatives using substitution and integration by parts was hard at first but after more practice and help from those spare days, I think I got them down, for the most part. Though I still have problems finding out how to rearrange the function so that my "du" can fit into it when doing substitution. That's the most tricky part indeed. I will also need to remember my "+ C"s for sure, but after having done some more practice on anti differentiation, I'm sure I won't forget about them this time... I hope.

Yep, the midpoint, trapezoid, and error stuff seem to be okay. But we'll see if I really understand them on the test.

Okay, good luck on the test everyone!

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